As a result of the crisis, 78% of marketers say they now have to demonstrate the ROI of their campaigns to hold onto their budgets…

26 December 2022

While the current economic uncertainty forces companies to do more with less,

marketers need to prove the ROI of their actions more than ever. Worse, managers are making it a priority to reduce investments in marketing and advertising, as well as in technology and talent.

On the other hand, as marketing budgets come under scrutiny, studies reveal the importance of maintaining brand awareness in these uncertain times, given that freezing advertising for a year or more would result in a drop of up to 50% in sales, regardless of the size of the business (small, medium or large).

It is therefore crucial for advertisers to use the right tools to achieve their business objectives.

At Proxistore, we know that in order to boost future budgets, it is vital to demonstrate the ROI of your local marketing campaigns on a daily basis with different KPIs. Our measurement of the traffic generated within retail outlets, for example, is one of the ROIs most requested by our clients.

Contact us if you would like to know more about our local communication solutions.

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