Consumers experienced 10% inflation in the food sector in 2022

12 January 2023

2022 will have made a lasting impression on consumers, with the return of inflation, at more than 10% for food, according to NielsenIQ and Iri, and 7% for the economy as a whole, according to INSEE. The sense of high living costs and a concern for purchasing power is growing.

We are therefore seeing changes in behaviour, with emptier shopping baskets and fewer people going to the shops to avoid temptation. Consumers are changing their habits in terms of retailers, moving from large and medium-sized stores to hard discounters or outlets, or in terms of brands, choosing private labels or low prices over national brands. Reactions, often already evident, are exacerbated, with greater attention being paid to prices and special offers.

The rise in food prices due to inflation has also led to lower margins for retailers. However, retailers can also see this as an opportunity, by adapting to the new expectations of their customers and strengthening their price image.

There are many tangible measures that can be taken inside or outside the store that will significantly impact on how consumers perceive your brand’s offerings. Proxistore, meanwhile, can help you communicate digitally and locally, in an effective way using – for example – a dynamic digital leaflet, presenting your prices and products, distributed on premium content sites in a quality environment where you can be sure that your message is seen by the right people targeted according to their catchment areas and segmentation (desire for low prices, bargain brands, sales etc.).

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