Flawless geolocation on your website

Proxistore offers you solutions to guarantee accuracy when locating visitors to your website. You are no longer dependent on the poor quality of IP geolocation.

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Find the right people in the right place

Strengthen your location-based services

Whether you display the nearest point of sale, different content depending on the user’s location, a click & collect service or even delivery of your products, you need to know the user’s precise geolocation.
With Geoloc Widget, you can be sure of the location accuracy and reinforce the relevance of your services and contextual personalization.

Measure and take advantage of your local audience

How is your website’s audience distributed geographically? Geoloc Widget lets you know where your visitors are located, district by district, in order to better adapt your content and services to your audience.

You can also maximise the monetization of your traffic with more detailed knowledge.


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