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Geolocation, Isometrics, segments and intent-based data.

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Choose the transition from paper to digital leaflets

The Climate Law saw the start of the “Oui Pub” experiment, which asks advertisers to make a commitment in the long term to abandoning the traditional distribution of leaflets in mailboxes.

With Proxistore, you can continue to advertise your offers to your customers in an efficient and more ecological way and generate footfall in your sales outlets.

Digital and local display allows you to reach out to customers in your catchment area, solely based on the profiles of interest to you and allows you to customise your offers to fit in with their needs and consumer preferences.

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Prepare for your peak periods and boost awareness of your brand and its products.

Visibility is absolutely crucial. It determines the number of visitors to your site or your stores, and therefore the volume of your sales.

To do this, Proxistore supports you in your “Peak Periods” (Special seasonal offers, trade fairs, open door days, stock clearance, sales, outlets sales etc.) and with your “Reputation” (Product launches, new car models, a new store section, new collection or the (re-)opening of new sales outlets etc.) so that you can attract your most eligible prospective customers, those who are most likely to be interested in your services or products.

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Bolster the struggling areas of sales outlets

Using Proxistore can be beneficial for struggling brands.

The launch of targeted digital communication campaigns in their catchment area will allow for the implementation of a customer acquisition process by identifying a lot of useful information both on existing customers but also (and above all) on the rest of the available audience in the targeted area and their purchasing intentions by comparing visitor traffic measurements before and after the communication campaign.

Indeed, Proxistore allows you to monitor the impact of the campaigns on store footfall, by measuring the number of visitors during, before and after the campaign. This data can be used to calculate the cost per visitor and to analyse footfall trends.

This can provide valuable information to help retailers make informed decisions about the future of the store.

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Delegation can be a useful strategy for retailers who want to give their sales outlets the opportunity to launch local campaigns by themselves.

This makes it possible to stay in touch with the needs of customers in their area and react more quickly and efficiently for an ever more enjoyable shopping experience for customers.

By delegating some responsibilities to the sales outlets, the head office can also build trust and cooperation between the head office and its sales outlets.

Proxistore can be your partner of choice for all your multi-POS campaigns or for your “à la carte” communication to suit the particular needs of each of your stores.

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Target, distribute & measure

this is what Proxistore offers retailers, car dealerships and department stores… and it has been doing so for many years now.

A rational and efficient digital and local display, without unnecessary diffusion to ensure maximum profitability! That is Proxistore’s priority.

Indeed, Proxistore allows you to substantially improve the “drive-to-(e)store” effect of your campaigns by offering you both the possibility to define a hyper-precise local communication area using patented technology and to get your message across within a Premium environment so that it reaches a well chosen target audience based on their preferences and interests.

After the campaigns, Proxistore also allows you to measure the cost per physical visitor and thus the effectiveness of your campaigns in terms of traffic generated in your store. It also allows you to build up an audience over time, which will be an undeniable asset in terms of communication for the distribution of your future campaigns with us!

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