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With 9 years of R&D and a patent pending in 39 countries, Proxistore’s technology is the most accurate in the world for refining position data in your web environments.

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Deduce the position of web users who refuse to share their location

Strengthen your location-based services

In 70% of cases, web users who go to your site do not agree to share their position on your site. You only have access to their IP address to try to locate them, but this method is very imprecise (inaccuracy of 40 km or more in 40% of cases).


How the technology works

1 1 Retrieving actual positions

For each web user who agrees to share their position, Geoloc+ looks at the actual final position.

2 If they refuse

When the user doesn’t give the browser access to their precise position, only the IP address is left to try to locate them. Geoloc+ goes further and requalifies this position to make it more precise. To do this, it determines their theoretical position in relation to the history of people who consented.

3 If it’s impossible

If Geoloc+ is unable to determine the web user’s position, their IP address is disqualified (around 10% of cases).

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