The best formats for your digital campaigns

30 May 2024

To give you even greater visibility on the Web, Proxistore has added the Mobile Large Leaderboard format to its range of Displays!

All our banners allow you to broadcast your digital advertising campaigns on mobile phones, tablets and computers, with their own specific features and strengths. What are they?

Here’s a quick overview of our web banners to find out!

Mobile Large Leaderboard (320×100) :

This ad format is equivalent to the Leaderboard in terms of effectiveness, but specifically adapted for mobile devices. Thanks to its adapted dimensions, it maximises visibility and engagement.

In addition to the other formats, the Leaderboard expands your advertising inventory by connecting you with mobile users.

Half Page (300 x 600 px) :

This is a large vertical banner that is displayed on half the right or left-hand side of a web page.

It offers excellent visibility thanks to its large, elongated space.

On mobile, the size of this web banner does not change.

BillBoard (970 x 250 px) 

Larger than the Leaderboard banner, Billboard ads are ideal for occupying large surfaces and presenting hard-hitting, immersive campaigns. This type of ad is found at the top of the page, horizontally.

They offer excellent visibility for campaigns based on image and creativity.

Rectangle (300 x 250 px)

This is the standard Display ad format, the most widely used throughout the world and also the most effective. It is found on the right-hand side of sites.

Its medium size makes it easy to incorporate naturally.

Its size remains the same on mobile.

For more information or to integrate this new format into your local digital advertising campaigns, contact us today!