Proxistore, a precision patented technology adapted to your needs.


Our internationally patented geolocation technology respects the privacy of web users browsing the websites of our partner editors, regardless of the device used to connect to the Internet (smartphone, desktop, tablet etc.).


Proxistore is also 3 platforms in one: a geotag platform for the sale of display advertising space is available; ideal for local agencies, a geotag platform for the purchase of display advertising space is available; ideal for retailers or media agencies, a managing platform to monitor campaigns running with detailed reports, and a campaign management platform with detailed, results-oriented reports.

Profit maximization

Our algorithms broadcast our advertisements from our advertisers only to surfers located within the area of communication defined by them, without any loss.

High visibility

Proxistore is also a network of premium publishers with high audience, multi-screen and multi-format.

A solution adapted to your needs.

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Get super-precise and fully legal location data for your audience so that you can adjust your content to their geographical location: local ads, information, weather, obituaries, job offers etc.
Recommended if:
  • You have one or more commercial websites or sets of content.
  • You want to make the most of the power of your local audience


Join our network of editors and take advantage of our sales to monetise your spaces via local advertising broadcast to extremely precise geographical areas via quality inserts, multi-screens and banners.
Recommended if one of the following applies to you:
  • You want to monetise your advertising space
  • You have multiple brands and want to have specific adverts in customer catchment areas according to the point of sale
  • You have a portfolio of advertisers and are looking for an effective solution to boost local communication
  • You are a representative of major brands and want to help them make their local communication more relevant


Take advantage of a simple, extremely practical tool to create geolocated and effective advertising campaigns in just a few clicks, within an exclusive network of premium partner websites.
Recommended if one of the following applies to you:
  • You have several points of sale but want to create specific and relevant communication for each shop, quickly and efficiently
  • You want to create campaigns for your advertisers in customer catchment areas that can be adapted to their actual needs and geographical targets
  • You want to add local strength to the overall communication of your brands and to provide them with results worthy of their investment

They already collaborate with Proxistore

Proxistore collaborates with more than 500 publishers worldwide to provide premium media coverage to local advertisers.

Proxistore currently geotags 600 million surfers and more than one billion mobile and connected devices and its media coverage reaches more than 85% of the population.

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Our network of satisfied clients

  • Auto
  • Food
  • House
  • Estate
  • Culture
  • Healthcare
  • Horeca
  • Finance
  • Leisure
  • Politics
  • Non-Food

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Proxistore will be at Dmexco 2018 to present its new Widget for Publishers.

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LIDL plays the « digital » proximity for the holiday season.

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Lidl boosts its promotional offers during the three rush-weekends of December by inviting the consumer to the nearest point of sale.

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Proxistore: a trusted partner, 100% legal geolocation

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Whether on the advertiser's or Surfer's side, the concept of geolocation, or data-sharing in the broadest sense of the term, despite its relevance, can sometimes cause concern...

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