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    The « multi-campaign » creation just a click away.

    Our network of publishers offers you a massive and quality audience, as well as a repeated exposure of your ad, exclusively within the communication zone of your choice and with your geo-localized target enabled by our patented technology. Create your ad!

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  • Pub Proxistore

    Your untapped advertising space is the source of incredible potential.

    Proxistore offers you the capability to more effectively monetize your audiences with its solution of local display! With its own multi-screen and multi-format geolocation tool, Proxistore offers local advertisers the possibility of buying local audiences in real time and communicate on your site by targeting their potential customers in a very precise manner. Become a partner!

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  • Pub Proxistore

    The geo-localized online communication solution.

    Many local advertisers want to communicate on the web but do not know how it is done . Proxistore is the digital communication solution for efficiently and quickly reaching customers.
    The mass coverage and repetition of our partner websites, combined with state-of-the-art Proxistore technology and live audiences management, provide a unique and high quality service that generates more efficiency than any other device or Media. Become a partner!

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  • Pub Proxistore

    Optimize the local digital communication of your clients!

    Proxistore is a multi-device highly targeted digital solution, 100% legal and patented. Our platform responds effectively to your clients’ expectations in terms of proximity advertising. This is the indispensable tool in order for your clients to gain local visibility on the web thanks to an optimal display of their local ads.

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Proxistore, a precision patented technology adapted to your needs.


Our globally patented technology geotags respecting the privacy of surfers surfing the sites of our publisher partners; regardless of the device used to connect to the Internet (Smartphone, Desktop, Tablet ...)


Proxistore is also 3 platforms in one: a geotag platform for the sale of display advertising space is available; ideal for local agencies, a geotag platform for the purchase of display advertising space is available; ideal for retailers or media agencies, a managing platform to monitor campaigns running with detailed reports, and a campaign management platform with detailed, results-oriented reports.

Profit maximization

Our algorithms broadcast our advertisements from our advertisers only to surfers located within the area of communication defined by them, without any loss.

High visibility

Proxistore is also a network of premium publishers with high audience, multi-screen and multi-format.

Your ad is broadcasted in priority and on premium websites of your choice, always at the top of the page, only in your area of communication.

Watch this video to discover what an advertisement would look like on the biggest press websites.

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Lastest News

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Press release - Dmexco 2018

Published on 31th august 2018

Proxistore will be at Dmexco 2018 to present its new Widget for Publishers.

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LIDL plays the « digital » proximity for the holiday season.

Published on 19th december 2017

Lidl boosts its promotional offers during the three rush-weekends of December by inviting the consumer to the nearest point of sale.

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Proxistore: a trusted partner, 100% legal geolocation

Published on 18th december 2017

Whether on the advertiser's or Surfer's side, the concept of geolocation, or data-sharing in the broadest sense of the term, despite its relevance, can sometimes cause concern...

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