Proxistore, Sirdata and Gemius join forces through SalesAd

14 May 2024

Launch of an innovative drive-to-store and data offering in Poland: Proxistore, Sirdata and Gemius through SalesAd join forces

Proxistore, an adtech specialising in geomarketing, Sirdata, an expert in data and privacy, SalesAd, an expert in digital marketing, and Gemius, renowned for its activities in areas such as data on media audience consumption, complete solutions for cross-media campaigns and advertising space management, web analysis and a marketing intelligence tool, announce their strategic partnership for the launch of an unprecedented drive-to-store and data solution on the Polish market.

Technological innovation at the heart of the partnership

The partnership leverages Proxistore’s unique expertise in geomarketing through its proprietary DSP and patented approach, combined with Sirdata’s mastery of data. This collaboration is strengthened by the use of the A.D.S. (Addressability Dynamic Solution) Module compatible with the IAB Tech Lab’s SDA (Seller Defined Audiences) standard, which offers a cookieless model to guarantee targeting accuracy without compromising the confidentiality of personal data.

The crucial role of SalesAd, in cooperation with Gemius

SalesAd, a team of mobile marketing experts who pioneered the market’s first research into smartphone and tablet usage, and created Poland’s largest premium advertising network in applications (Mobigate) and on mobile websites, and Gemius, with its in-depth experience of audience measurement in Poland, are playing a key role in connecting retail to publishers through its advanced technological solutions. This cooperation is all the more significant as Gemius is very close to publishers in these countries, facilitating the integration of the Proxistore widget on a multitude of information and content sites.

A.D.S: A revolution in advertising targeting

Thanks to the A.D.S. module, targeting data is transferred directly from the publisher to the advertising platforms, using, among other things, the SDA standard, which standardises the sale and purchase of user & contextual segments.

This technique, based on the transmission of cohort IDs (minimum 500 people) and private taxonomies, does not require the use of third-party cookies. This makes it impossible to identify individual users.

This represents real added value for the advertiser, who will continue to send its advertising messages to the right target, and for the publisher, who will see the value of its programmatic inventory increase thanks to third-party data, without any effort or cost.

A strategic choice for Proxistore and Sirdata

The decision to collaborate with Gemius and SalesAd was an obvious one for Proxistore and Sirdata, given their position as leaders in audience measurement in Poland. Alain Heureux, VP CEE at Proxistore and initiator of the collaboration, is at the helm to orchestrate this promising partnership. Gemius is present not only in Poland but also in some fifteen other European markets.

What makes us unique?

The combination of several elements.
Firstly, a high-quality, targeted audience that we go after from publishers, always focusing on Premium inventory and high-impact advertising formats.
Secondly, a geolocation technology that enables us to identify with great

potential reach around a point of sale. Thirdly, anonymised databases segmented around the interests and affinities of the targets available, and finally, we were lacking a trusted partner to market this new value proposition, which is going to revolutionise campaign performance and brand branding!

A promising future

This strategic alliance promises to redefine the standards of digital marketing and ad targeting in Central and Eastern Europe, offering advertisers an effective, privacy-friendly solution for reaching their target audiences.

“When Bruno Van Boucq introduced me to his group and the Board’s desire to go international, I immediately suggested Poland as a launch pad for the EEC market. Thanks to my 7 years as President of IAB Europe (2006-2013), I know the digital ecosystem in Europe very well, and I therefore got in touch with my friends at Gemius to launch a partnership that should be able to spread throughout Europe,” adds Alain Heureux.

Proxistore, Sirdata, SalesAd and Gemius join forces to transform the digital marketing landscape in Central and Eastern Europe.