Proxistore for publishers

Make the most of the power of your audience

Three distinct solutions, adapted to your business and its priorities

Whether you are in media, marketing or another area, our surfer geolocation technology will help you become more effective in generating income from your audiences. This technology is multi-screen, extremely powerful and has an international patent. Whether you wish to do local advertising on your sites or enhance your content with local information, you can take advantage of Proxistore’s expertise, which complies fully with the General Data Protection Regulation and is validated by the IAB Europe Consent Framework.
Proxistore meets your publishing needs through three distinct solutions, adapted to your business and its priorities.
Our solutions can be used individually or jointly.

Make the most of the power of your audience

Get super-precise and fully legal location data for your audience. This information is displayed with full transparency on the surfer’s screen and allows you to enhance your editorial content according to their geographic location: local ads, information, weather, obituaries, job offers etc. The widget allows editors to generate income, with or without the use of an ad exchange, from your super-local catalogue. It is easily compatible with the main programming tools used in digital advertising.

Generate trust around you

Displaying your widget on the screen is an opportunity to generate trust among surfers and advertisers. Your transparency also reinforces your desire to comply with the GDPR.

A clear overview of your results

The Proxistore management platform provides a simple, highly practical tool to view your widget’s display statistics for your web pages, to allow you to adapt your local strategy at any time.

Relevant communication
Editorial or advertising content adapted to the audience’s geographical area
Fully legal solution
Solution complies with the GDPR and IAB Europe Consent Framework.
Patented technology
Code that is easy to include in your web pages

Local relevance combined with the power of a national network

Join the Proxistore network of national and premium content editor to benefit from our geolocation technology and our commercial strength. Our sales teams are represented by major resellers and renowned media agencies. You will benefit from their client portfolios and can monetise your space effortlessly via advertisers wanting to communicate locally, within extremely precise geographical areas via quality inserts, multi-screens and white labels. Our technology is also available as a secure closed circuit solution.

A clear overview of your results

The Proxistore management platform provides a simple, practical and transparent tool to view your widget’s display statistics for Proxistore local adverts displayed on your web pages. An invoice request, generated automatically based on the previous month, is also available in your user area.

Revenue Publisher
Local income
New source for monetising your advertising space
White labels
Display of your local adverts without Proxistore branding
Effort-free income generation
Take advantage of our sales network and its client portfolio

Sales platform

Proxistore is an e-commerce platform designed to easily sell your local advertising space, multi-screen and multi-format, available in real time, to your advertisers. On the platform, they can create the adverts and display them on your website using geographical targeting of their potential clients, with a view to precise targeting and complete security.

A clear overview of your results

Proxistore is also a management platform for your local advertising space where you can manage your advertisers, their single or multi-location local campaigns, their statistics and your income. At the end of the month, you will receive a transparent, real-time detailed display report.

Sales platform
A clever tool to sell your local displays
Results-focused platform
For an effective local strategy
Monthly invoicing
Automatically generated and broken down by website

They already collaborate with Proxistore

Proxistore collaborates with more than 500 publishers worldwide to provide premium media coverage to local advertisers.

Proxistore currently geotags 600 million surfers and more than one billion mobile and connected devices and its media coverage reaches more than 85% of the population in many European and American countries.

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