Proxistore, your programmatic solution for local display.

Are you a publisher and operating in one or more European countries or elsewhere in the world? Do you have advertising space that you want to monetize? Are you looking for innovative programmatic solutions? Join Proxistore to boost this specific revenue, without affecting your publishing activities.

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An e-commerce platform for your local advertising spaces

Our platform allows you to easily manage your sales of geotagged advertising spaces. With its own multi-screen geo-location tool and formats, Proxistore offers you the possibility to sell in white label to your advertisers in your local audience, available in real time. Your advertisers will be able to create their advertisements very simply and communicate on your site by targeting their potential clients in a very precise way, without any loss. Being part of the Proxistore network also provides access to a large portfolio of advertisers, prospected by the largest media agencies and our professional and prestige resellers. It is also possible to collaborate with Proxistore in closed circuit, only within your own sites.

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A management platform for your local advertising space

Manage your local advertisers, their single or multi-point of sale campaigns, statistics and revenue through our management platform. A platform with a simple and clear design, developed to meet your needs.

At the end of each month, you will benefit from significant revenues without any prior investment with transparent and detailed reporting.

Other features


Proxistore is a great addition to Retail and creative facilitates to their multi-point of sale campaigns in just a few clicks.

« Live » audiences

The « live » management of the audiences available by catchment areas adapting as and when purchases happen, allows a precise offer and an optimal diffusion of advertising space.

Catchment area

They adapt to your advertisers and are available in several formats: circles, polygons, postal codes, Iris, Jason ...


Easily manage yourself and your partnerships with our dealers.

Revenue simulator

The local advertising market, an additional source of revenue.

STEP 1 - Enter the number of daily pages views
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    Emmanuel DENIS – Sales Advertising Director chez IPM

    We were looking for a new source of financing for our advertising space, which are quick to set up and transparent in terms of the turnover generated
    Proxistore seems to be an ideal monetization service, adapted to the nature of our sites and their traffic, enabling us to generate significant revenues.
    Proxistore geotagged areas are ideally integrated in our editorial feeds and Proxistore targeting technology does not interfere with our visitors, while allowing advertisers to communicate locally on our sites but also readers around the world! A real, yet untapped, audience.

They already collaborate with Proxistore

Proxistore collaborates with more than 500 publishers worldwide to provide premium media coverage to local advertisers.

Proxistore currently geotags 600 million surfers and more than one billion mobile and connected devices and its media coverage reaches more than 85% of the population in many European and American countries.

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