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Proxistore, a multi-device highly targeted digital solution.

You want to respond effectively to your clients’ expectations? Are you looking for innovative programmatic solutions? Partner with Proxistore and have your clients benefit from a cutting-edge communication solution through powerful and highly targeted audience.

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A buying platform for local displays on biggest websites.

90% of purchases are still made at points of sale, and among these purchases, 40% are triggered by the Internet*. (*Source: marketing-professionnel.fr)

In order for your clients to gain local visibility, Proxistore is the indispensable tool. Available in white-label, our patented solution is ideal to give your clients qualitative local audiences, their availabilities in real-time. The displays via our platform are always multi-device, -format, on top of pages and on premium publishers of your choice.

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A platform managing local advertising space.

Thanks to our platform, with its simple and clear design, you manage easily and discreetly all your clients and their campaigns mono- or multi-point of sales with their statistics. You master your display costs as well with monthly invoices that are transparent and detailed by client.

Collaborate with Proxistore also means qualitative trainings for your teams and a Sales & Marketing support to your prospecting, buying and encoding campaigns.

Other features


Proxistore puts an emphasis on the Retail world and eases the creation of their multi-point of sale campaigns only in a few clicks.

« Live » audiences

The « live » management of the audiences available by catchment areas adapting as and when sales happen, allows a precise offer and an optimal diffusion of advertising space.

Catchment areas

They adapt to your advertisers and are available in several formats: circles, polygons (e.a. .json files), postal codes, or Iris.

Bundle of sites

Depending on the type of your ads, the websites' bundles creation is modular at will.

Multiple catchment area formats

Adapt the communication areas of your advertisers according to their real needs: by circles, polygons (via .json file, for example), postal codes or Iris codes.

  • Loyalty area
  • Traffic area
  • Conquest area

They already collaborate with Proxistore

Proxistore collaborates with the largest media and advertising agencies and more than 70 resellers throughout France, Spain and Belgium to offer a targeted local and quality communication solution to advertisers.

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