Why opt for local advertising?

21 November 2017

Whether a small organization, SME, large company, Publisher or Reseller, you may wonder why use local advertising campaigns? And more particularly why use digital local advertising?

It has become undeniable that consumers are looking for less aggressive ads more adapted to their profile. ITR News estimates that approximately 1 out of 2 consumers will reject brands sending non-targeted ads¹. The use of adblocks, a tool that blocks online ads when surfing the internet, is increasing and threatens the entire digital advertising sector. We estimate that 36% of French surfers are now using one of these on their computer, which represents a rise of 20% between January and November 2016².

Today consumers want more proximity with brands.

Their location has therefore become central for advertising professionals. There are many ways to “get closer to one’s consumer” but the most important data, above all, is geographical: according to a Google study, 4 out of 5 consumers want ads adapted to their city, postal code or immediate surroundings³. It is mainly about geographical proximity for consumers. The Google study also shows that consumers are much more willing to buy in stores than online if they are close by, if they can obtain the product quickly and for a better price⁴.

The rise in importance of location is not only a reaction effect towards the negative effects of online advertising (Media hype, intrusive messages badly targeted, interrupting activities…). The location phenomenon is also a social movement that has been growing more and more each year. Today it represents a way of life, likely a reaction against overconsumption and its negative consequences over the past decades. 86% of French consumers consider local consumption to be the answer to major social issues in our today’s society and contributes to reducing environmental impacts⁵. They believe this way of consumption brings various advantages: the quality of products, their traceability, and support to local economy, among others.

If we were able to demonstrate that the location is fundamental in today’s society, why not opt for local digital advertising?

There are various ways of disseminating local advertising; radio is one of the main channels, but there are also local television channels, print media, folders, etc.

Strictly from a strategic and financial point of view, it is very interesting to build a local digital advertising campaign display. The advantage is that it is much more precisely targeted so it is more qualitative in terms of time and money than other traditional local broadcasting channels. A local display advertising campaign can be quickly created whilst retaining much lower design and distribution costs than other types of campaigns such as television or radio and will be broadcast on the largest premium sites only to the chosen target.

Whether you are a large company, an SME, a publisher or a small organization, relying on online and local advertising strategy has become an essential part of a well planned communication strategy corresponding to all consumer demands.

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