LoCoMo, the brand new product by Proxistore

With its new « Local Competition Monitoring » tool, Proxistore takes its commitment to performance and transparency even further.

scène ville
scène ville

With LoCoMo, any point of sale can now measure the impact of its communication on its market share and compare its development with its two main competitors on the chosen area.


LoCoMo, the phygital performance tool

At the cutting edge of web to store communication measure

On a local and multi local scale and on areas of an extreme precision that may even include neighbourhood codes (IRIS, NIS9,…), the store managers and the network directors, who are currently working in partnership with Proxistore, can now measure 3 key data for their phygital strategy:

Optimise your drive-to-store communication

Let’s go further together in monitoring the efficiency of your digital advertising campaigns. Choose a web to store communication with a real and clearly measured impact on your in store traffic.

LoCoMo is the result of 3 exclusive Proxistore skills:

“Our commitment to pure performance KPIs is one of the key principles that we believe determines the efficient web-to-store. We are therefore very glad to be able to provide our clients with such valuable tools for the optimal management of their local communication. And we are even gladder to see the results, which show that only powerful, perfectly geo-located, multi-device digital communication based on premium websites can significantly impact their store traffic.” Bruno Van Boucq – CEO Proxistore

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