How to optimize my advertising space ?

21 November 2017

Proxistore allows publishers to offer a tailor made solution to advertisers who want to target their audiences more precisely, while still communicating on premium quality websites. The catchment area is therefore more restricted allowing advertisers a media coverage on websites that are usually too expensive.

But how is it possible?

The publisher must receive from Proxistore the necessary material to allow the distribution of Proxistore geolocalized displays on its site: a Java Script code to be inserted into its website pages and a “universal” tag to be programmed in its adserver, in full priority (except the makeover), in Half Page format and at the top of the page. The “universal” tag is a way to integrate Proxistore within sites and adservers, acting directly at the page level. All information is thus preserved and the publisher can broadcast, as usual, its various types of ads (Companion ads, sector-based (inclusion / exclusion) etc.).

The system is virtuous. Proxistore works on 100% of the inventory. In case where there is no advertising to run where the surfer is located, the adserver will run standard advertising.

Once the website is tagged, the e-commerce platform is branded according to the publisher’s colors within the next 48 hours and is ready to sell geotagged ads on his own website.

This method allows publishers to maximize profitability of their display revenues because they can target a much larger group of advertisers through multiple sales channels by offering various types of advertising campaigns on their websites.

Proxistore step by step :
• Proxistore calls the adserver only if a Proxistore campaign needs to be broadcasted.
• The passback tag is not required.
• The companion ads, labels, exclusion and inclusion are always preserved.
• The capping frequency is within the code and is generated by Proxistore.
• The dynamic sections of the pages are always preserved.