A powerful partnership to optimise your drive-to-store campaigns!

2 January 2023

As a player in location-based digital advertising and the owner of a unique geolocation patent, we feel it is important to join forces with the most cutting-edge AdTechs on the market, in order to offer our advertising customers ongoing optimisation of their Drive-to-Store campaigns.

Smart TraffiK is the publisher of the Okube solution, physical boxes installed at the point of sale to measure visitors to shops and reconcile them with Internet users who have seen the digital advertising.
Proxistore wanted this new partnership to help its advertisers, agencies and advertising sales houses to measure the effectiveness of their location-based marketing campaigns in terms of the traffic generated in their points of sale.

Combining artificial intelligence, data visualization and IoT, Proxistore can now display the drive-to-store performance of its clients’ media campaigns in real time on its platform, offering them ongoing optimisation of their campaigns and thus boosting their in-store traffic, while measuring their media investments.

This new tool enhances our understanding of local digital campaigns and enables us to build local and multi-local media strategies tailored to each of our advertisers.

How does it work?

With OKUBE, we’re going to place a measurement box in the shop and we’re going to collect all the device ids of the smartphones of the people who enter the store (via Bluetooth and WiFi). This measurement is also possible without a box (but will be a little less accurate): we will then create a virtual boundary around the point of sale and collect the device ids of smartphones entering this zone.

SMART TRAFFIK will link internet users who have seen the digital ad on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with the device ids of physical visitors. The devices are interconnected in a number of ways (same WiFi network, application present on several devices, Bluetooth, transmission of information via USB cable, etc.).

On the one hand, thanks to OKUBE, we will have all the devices id smartphones that have seen the advert on a digital medium. On the other, thanks to SMART TRAFFIK, we’ll have all the device ids of the smartphones that have visited the shops.

We then need to compare the two device id databases. If there’s a match, it means that the digital device has seen the ad and then physically visited the point of sale.

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