66% of French people want a smooth shopping experience online and in person.

7 November 2022

With a portion of the population preferring online to in-store shopping, is this the end of physical stores?

Not really. Both types of shopping have their advantages. Physical stores allow shoppers to touch, see, test, try on and leave with the items they have found.

Therefore, physical stores and online stores should not be at war with each other but instead should complement each other in order to improve the ease and flexibility of the customer experience.

67% of French people, for example, admit that they usually look for product information online before making a purchase in-store.

At a time when retail is experiencing a digital explosion, brands and retailers are faced with the challenge of standing out and offering a real experience to customers to encourage them to leave their homes. How can they do this? We’ll explain everything! Make an appointment with our sales team in France or Belgium.

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