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A single platform to create super-localised campaigns

Did you know that 90% of purchases are still made in points of sale? And of these, 40% are a result of the Internet*? (*Source: To increase the local visibility of your points of sale on the Internet, Proxistore offers a range of precise and tools adapted to the retail sector, its needs, requirements and challenges. Whether you are an advertiser for a single or multiple points of sale, a retailer or a major brand looking for a local advertising solution, adapt your tactics to Internet-connected consumers through the web, offering them deals adapted to their geographical area.
Proxistore helps advertisers with their local communication needs via a single technology package available through a purchasing and local advertising campaign management platform.
Proxistore Purchasing Platform
Creation plateforme Advertiser

A platform for making purchases and creating your local campaigns:

Proxistore is the ideal tool for purchasing local advertising space and having your adverts displayed on your choice of the biggest Belgian, French and Spanish websites, using super-precise geolocation technology that is one-of-a-kind and patented. Proxistore adverts and multi-screen and multi-format, and always positioned in preferred locations.

Via this platform, Proxistore give you the option of quickly and easily creating your single or multi-point of sale online campaign, taking advantage of our patented, super-precise geolocation service and our network of premium, selectable editors, to ensure effective communication in a prestigious environment, with a local and high-quality target audience, fully secure.

Proxistore also allows you to pre-program you communication areas according to your criteria, by range, postal code, NIS or IRIS and to individually or jointly manage your customer catchment areas and their audiences in real time.

Platform dedicated to multiple campaigns
Proxistore aims to help retail and thereby helps you create your multi-point of sale campaigns in just a few clicks.
Audiences available
Only the audiences available per customer catchment area are communicated to, allowing a precise communication goal and optimal display of your adverts.
Campaigns adapted to your needs
The customer catchment areas and package of sites can be adapted to your points of sale and your target audiences.
Proxistore management platform

A management platform for local advertising space

Using our dedicated retail platform, featuring a simple and clear design, you can easily manage the results of your local single- or multi-point of sale campaigns. The display statistics are provided in a transparent monthly report, broken down by advert or point of sale, or grouped together for easy and 100% result-focused processing.

Gestion plateforme Advertiser
Results-focused platform
Dedicated to retail, the platform presents display statistics from a ROI standpoint.
Clear reporting
Precise and transparent presentation of results.
Can be accessed at any time
Your campaigns and statistics can be accessed 24/7 using your login details.

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