About Proxistore

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In summary

Founded in 2011, Proxistore© is leader in the field of local online advertising. The company, through its own patented geolocation search engine, reaches over 180 million surfers and its ambition is to geolocate one thousand million surfers worldwide within 5 years. The head office is located in Brussels where the management, marketing, and research and development teams are based, working in collaboration with their European and American sales teams.

Our Values

  • Proximity - Proximity is one of the core values of our work. It provides us with a better understanding of the necessities of market. Working hand-in-hand with our partners means better understanding of their needs and how we can respond to them. They are at the center of our attention.

  • Technical - Our geolocation tools require work based on high technical skills of our collaborators. This enables us to guarantee know-how and precision, essential elements in order to offer advanced technologies.

  • Innovation - Obtaining Patents is the result of attentive work with new technologies, combining intuition, research, development, experience and know-how.

  • Collaboration - At Proxistore we are well aware that two heads are better than one. It is by collaborating with each other on a daily basis that we succeed in achieving superior quality work. Collaboration is therefore paramount, whether with our partners or with our teams.

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Our history


The story begins

Initial developments and launch of Proxistore technology within the Beweb Advertising Board. The first geolocalized advertising campaign in Belgium was created on 25 October 2011 for the automotive brand SEAT and its 131 dealers.


The big jump

Proxistore technology becomes the property of Proxistore SA, resulting from the split of BEWEB; The founder Bruno Van Boucq is appointed CEO.


Our entry into the big arena

Proxistore raises € 2.7m, launches its mobile advertising format and opens offices in Paris and Montreal.


Expansion continues

Opening of an office in New York and Madrid.


A new turning point

Proxistore raises €3.5M in additional revenue and launches the first ever e-commerce platform for geolocated display. Technology is officially recognized as unique and innovative; It is patented worldwide.


The first programmable geo-localized display platform

Proxistore launches its new and unique programmatic platform, 100% legal, SSP and DSP for the local digital adverting market and advertisers, whether single or multi-brand, integrated or franchised. This platform will allow them to create, manage, purchase or even optimize their geo-located online advertising campaigns.


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Proxistore offers publishers a new 100% legal and transparent solution to enhance the power of their audiences.

Our team

Our IT team represents 50% of our employees. Their daily development work is based on constantly listening to the needs of our partners.

Team Member

Bruno Van Boucq

Founder & CEO of Proxistore
The Busy Bee Award

After more than 19 years of founding and directing the BEWEB advertising network and with his experience in advertising, Bruno launched Proxistore in 2011. He is also President of the Tournai football club (RUS Tournai). Regardless of how busy he is, he always takes the time on Friday afternoons to connect with all his teams regarding the evolution of society.

Team Member

Michel Pigneret

Sales Business Development
The Cool Headed Award
Team Member

Julie Dambly

Communication Manager
Old Timer Award

After starting her career in communication in the audiovisual sector, Julie joined Proxistore in 2011 as Project Manager. Responsible for the Proxistore project from its conception, her main function now is to manage the communications department as part of the Management. A great worker, Julie often skips her lunch break to work on her files.

Team Member

Stéphane Denoiseux

Int. Business Development Manager
Carpe Diem Award

Initially Head of Marketing for BEWEB, Stéphane is now in charge of international development for Proxistore. Always in a good mood, he prospects with enthusiasm for new partners and opportunities.

Team Member

Victoria Barlemont

Int. Project Manager
The Little Miss Sunshine Award

Victoria joined Proxistore in August 2016 to support and strengthen international development. She has a strong background in international business and management and even won the Vatel International Business Game during her studies. She works a lot and always with a smile.

Team Member

Laurence De Prins

Int. Project Manager
'Consider It is Done' Award

Laurence began her career in the audiovisual production field, working for the RTL and BeTV groups. Initially at BEWEB and then at Proxistore since 2012, she supports the sales teams in the various partner agencies.

Team Member

Hervé Tenaerts

Country Manager Spain
One More Thing Award

Hervé is responsible for developing the Proxistore network in Spain since 2012. He negotiates and proposes partnerships with the country's leading publishers and resellers. Always inclined to party, he is always a great worker.

Team Member

Xavier Luyckx

Web Designer
Bunsen Burner Award

Xavier began his career at Proxistore in 2014. Constantly looking for the latest innovations in design, he always has a card up his sleeve. His style is found everywhere on this site, because he developed it entirely.

Team Member

Vincent Descamps

Front Developer
Rookie of the Year Award

After working as a developer at Cloud Rebelz, Vincent arrived at Proxistore in 2017 to reinforce the IT team as a front-end developer. Young and dynamic, he loves challenges and can work solo as well as in a team.

Team Member

Thomas Ligny

Back-End Developer
Team Member

Thomas Gilbert

Back-End Developer